About us

edLOVE is a new dating service. This portal uses a different scheme of work and development, and unlike similar resources it has its advantages.

By creating this resource we wanted and want to create a portal with original profiles. Most dating sites resell their profiles to partners and we are sure that not a few of those who do not like it. We also do not use someone else's database for communication, this is the uniqueness of our portal. By accessing edLOVE, you are least likely to meet a person with whom you could communicate on another resource, people who chose us and registered their profile chose our site of acquaintance themselves.

Creating a new questionnaire, the user first of all gets the security of his personal information, namely:

- we do not sell the material of our users

- we do not resell the questionnaire to partners

Registering your profile on the dating site edLOVE, you register it only on it and nothing else. This is perhaps the main and very important difference between our portal and others.

In the future, we plan to more closely communicate and collaborate with our users to jointly build and improve the best dating service in the Russian-language network. Stay with us, we still have a lot to do!

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